giovedì 29 ottobre 2009

later the same day....

I'm an English language student, so it would be a good exercise to improve my fluency to write my post not only in Italian but also in English....sooo....this is my resumè...

My name is Paola and I'd like to become a good scrapper...

I'm slowly learning the several techniques which can be used in Scrapbooking, but I'm also looking for my personal style, therefore I made an outline about my personal interpretation of Scrapbooking...which consists of:
- 'scrap' only when I "feel it": try a challenge only if the scheme, the shapes, the colours inspire me something, use elements tie with the memory, that I used in a particular situation (i collect a lot of memorabilia - tickets of the train or cinema, receipts,...)
- In my page I'll use: glitter (glittery elements? I can't find how say it), seams + ribbon + fabric....(work in progress)

- A 'must have': Journaling - a very precise descripion of the event and info about it, moreover reflections and (i love)Ipse dixit, that means quotos: at high school we used to publish in the school's newspaper the ridicolous things our teacher said during lesson.....nowadays, the funny things that my dears say become to me a very importart remember.

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